Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access WildSpark only through the Chrome extension? What if I don't use Chrome?

Chrome is currently essential for WildSpark to function. In the future, it may be possible to Amplify videos directly from the website without an extension, from any web browser.

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Why is the "Let's Spark" button greyed out?

There’s a problem with the details you’ve entered. Make sure that the email address is valid, that the username is unique, and that the password contains no special characters. Also, make sure you’ve marked the small circle to indicate "I’ve read and understood the terms and conditions". Unless marked, the "Let's Spark!" button will remain greyed out.

Why is there a red X next to my password?

Make sure you use numbers and letters only (no special characters).

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There’s a green V next to my details, but nothing happens when I click “Sign In”.

Your details meet the WildSpark standards, but are incorrect. Please check them again.

Why can’t I sign back in after I’ve signed out?

Try removing the extension and installing it again.

How can I change my password?

Send an email to


People have been Amplifying my videos. How do I get my AMPs?

Please register as a WildSpark Verified Creator by filling up this form.


Why do I get a blank link when I try to Amplify? Why isn’t the Balance changing?

Try refreshing the page. Make sure you’re using an up-to-date version of WildSpark and Chrome, and check for conflicts with other extensions.

What happens when an Amplified video gets deleted?

WildSpark is an independent Meta-Layer above existing platforms. Even if a video gets deleted, all of its Amplifications are safely saved for the creator. The link between the video and WildSpark is based on YouTube's unique identifier, which remains the same regardless of the video's status.

How will my AMPs be divided when I’m Amplifying a video which was never curated before?

According to the current WildSpark formula, 100% of the first Amplification goes to the creator.

Can I Amplify other content beyond YouTube videos?

WildSpark will gradually support new content platforms in the future.

Where can I find a list of videos and links I’ve Amplified in the past?

WildSpark will support a Dashboard feature in the future.

Account Verification

How can I verify my account if I don’t use Facebook?

Please send your request to (do note that manual verifications might take a few days to complete).


How long will it take for my withdrawal request to be approved?

For security reasons, all withdrawal requests are reviewed manually by trusted Synereo team members. It may take several days before the process is complete.


How can I change my profile picture?

Sign-out and sign-in again; WildSpark will update to your new FB profile image.